Featured Talent Of the Month (FTOM)


Featured Talent Of the Month (FTOM)


Featured Talent Of the Month (FTOM), is an Aglet Design™ initiative to showcase brilliant talent. For a whole month, the chosen talent will have an entire page on our website dedicated to them and will contain a short intro along with all the important links to their work.

Do you have what it takes to be FTOM?

If any of you out there would like to be featured, then mail us links to your work at info@agletdesign.com along with a brief write up about yourself. Be sure to label the subject “FTOM Request”*. To be eligible for FTOM, you will be required to like our Facebook Page. Also feel free to message us on Facebook or mail us and recommend people whose work you think should be featured here.



September 2014: Bernhard Lang

August 2014: Glenn Wolk

July 2014: John Wilhelm

June 2014: Kerby Rosanes

May 2014: Florian Nicolle

April 2014: Tobias Richter

March 2014: Warren Louw

February 2014: Mike

January 2014: Jaikar Marur


December 2013: Anthony Geoffroy

November 2013: Pavan Krushik

October 2013: Therese Larsson

September 2013: Tridib Das

August 2013: Sachin Kamath

July 2013: Gokul Kanthaswamy

June 2013: Oriana Fenwick

May 2013: Saloni Sinha

April 2013: Barbara Florczyk

March 2013: Manuela Kulpa

February 2013: Neeta Shankar

January 2013: Vilas Nayak


December 2012: Pranay Ratan

November 2012: Bobby Haiqalsyah

October 2012: Prasad Bhat

September 2012: Shaaz Jung

August 2012: Vikas Vasudev

July 2012: Aditya Narayan

June 2012: Nithin Rao Kumblekar

May 2012: Taras Taraporvala


*Please note that it is solely Aglet Design™’s decision to select or reject any candidate who has applied to be the FTOM.

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